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Personal Power

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.

Who out there has ever felt powerless in an employment situation? I suspect pretty well everyone has a story, if not many stories!

We can all use a little more personal power in the job search and on the job today. Regardless of our age and stage of career development. Regardless of whether we are a wage slave or an entrepreneur.

This fifth building block invites you to take time to discover the ingredients of your personal power. It asks you: what brings out your best, fills you with pride, puts a smile on your face and a swagger in your walk? Access here resources that help you dig a little deeper into your working identity and give you permission to let your true self influence the choices you make daily in your working life.

Featured Posts: Personal Power

The Science of Happiness. Having interviewed many candidates for jobs, I can spot those who actively cultivate habits of happiness. As a result, they are resilient in the face of career and life setbacks. I recognize them because they communicate more clearly and confidently and exhibit fewer signs of stress. And science backs me up. (Coming soon!)

Forgive or Forget? If you’re bogged down with relationship issues, it’s hard to tackle day-to-day career and work challenges. I don’t consider myself to be a relationship expert. That said, I often emphasize with my clients in career transition the importance of relationships – with yourself and with others – as they are so pivotal to a satisfying working life. Heck to a satisfying life, period. (Coming soon!)