I’m grateful for having worked alongside so many wonderful clients over the years. My greatest reward is seeing my clients experience new possibilities, gain confidence and be successful in landing the offer. It’s also nice to hear their feedback, some of which I’m sharing here.

Dear Ruth,
Thank you for all of your help. Your program was enlightening, especially for my son.

NV - parent of high school student exploring university options

Thanks again for all of your help! My resume and cover letter look great and the resources you sent me have been very helpful!

HM - recent grad, starting out

Good afternoon Ruth,
I wanted to express how lucky I feel to have been paired up with you during this graduate school application process – from your personality that was so well suited to mine to all of the dedication and energy you put into helpfing me.

You went above and beyond with your editing and really made sure you got to know the kind of person I was when we met in person. You pushed me outside my comfort zone and really rode it through with me, just like you promised. I will never forget you and this experience. I truly could not have competed this graduate school application without you.

SC - Millenial pursuing a Master's Degree

Wow! Fantastic!

Thanks so much for your help. I feel like a new man!

PS - mid-manager with a new resume, on the move

I would like to take the opportunity to “thank you” for your support, but more importantly for your concern and kindness. I am starting my new job (career) tomorrow in the human resources department of my local hospital. School starts soon. Couldn’t have done it without your help and encouragement.

SC - single mom embarking on new career

To Ruth (INFP)
With much appreciation for your assistance and support during preparation of my thesis, and for your good-humoured enthusiasm about the subject.

Reg (INTJ) - doctoral candidate

Dear Ruth:
You’ve been a wonderful help and inspiration to me and I truly appreciate all the time you have taken to aid me in my search . . . or is it a quest? Having met and spoken with you has helped me make this a positive and even “fun” experience. The “blah, I don’t feel like this anymore’ days have been few and far between thanks to people like yourself.
Many thanks,

SS - management consultant moving to industry

Dear Ruth,
You may not remember this, but you helped me through a really difficult time . . . I made an appointment to discuss my . . . utter lack of direction, and you were so incredibly understanding that I cried . . . and didn’t feel (too) awkward about it. You’ve always been so warm and sincere with me, and for that I am genuinely grateful to have learned from and worked with you! Please stay in touch.

TM - recent graduate moving on

Dear Ruth,
I would like to thank you for all that you have done to guide me both professionally and personally over these past few weeks.

Thinking about all the skills and strategies you’ve imparted me with, I feel more confident and positive to continue working in my current role – happily and will hope that something better awaits me at the end. Moreover, I feel better equipped to deal with future job-searching – a life-long project and learning experience! For this, I cannot thank you enough. You have worked with me beyond your call of duty, to produce a resume and cover letter that I can be proud of.

Merci pour tout – please keep in touch:)

IK - early career explorer staying put . . . for now!

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