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Pinterest is a great way to catalogue informative resources that support young adults in their education and work transitions. This post overviews my six Pinterest boards. It then shares the CRAAP test that I use to evaluate whether I want to include a given resource on my Pinterest site. You can use the CRAAP approach to create your own Pinterest boards and populate them with quality resources.

Follow my six education & work Pinterest boards

You’ll discover +1000 quality resources on my six Pinterest Boards that guide young adults efforts to:

  1. Navigate higher education program options and learn about timing, eligibility requirements and application hurdles
  2. Explore and apply to part-time, summer, and volunteer work options while in school, compete for that first big professional move after graduation and strategize early career moves once in the full-time job market
  3. Build skills in writing for a range of education and work documents from personal statements and cover letters to resumes, Curriculum Vitae (CV) and LinkedIn profiles
  4. Learn techniques to achieve competence in stressful situations such as the interview or networking meeting and public speaking situations such as the classroom or business presentation
  5. Cultivate resilience and relational skills for the many planning, decision-making and self-disclosure tasks that build your confidence in making competitive education and work applications
  6. Discover resources to fund education goals and enhance earning power in the short and long term

6 Education & Work Building Blocks

Navigate Education

More and more jobs today demand a university degree or college diploma as an entry credential. Technical and professional designations are also in high demand in many fields.

Once in the workplace, life-long learning is the new normal, taking us all back for refresher and interest courses and online skills certificates.

What are your learning goals? What options will help you meet them? How will you choose? Let’s tackle that challenge together.

Find/Create WorK

The world of work today is vast and complex. We may know what we want, but finding it can be tricky.

Let me help you beat a quicker path to relevant industry sectors and occupations, local and international job opportunities. Learn to navigate the world of work and get in front of the right contacts. Or maybe broaden your perspective to consider options you hadn’t thought of yet.  And if the perfect job isn’t out there for you, maybe we can work together to create your own work.

Present in Writing

Hand-writing may be losing ground in the 21st century, but writing – to comment, invite, promote or critique – is pretty much a daily task for many of us, especially in our knowledge-based internet-connected workplaces.

Learn skills to craft resumes, CVs, letters and business proposals that bond with your audiences. Earn the respect of your readers on paper or through social media – be they employers, education program administrators or clients.

Present in Person

Have you ever felt awkward to meet new people at a networking event?  Experienced sweaty palms and rapid heart rate in an interview?

These feelings are more common than you might think.

Learn to develop confidence, poise and presence in face-to-face situations from cocktail parties to interviews and business presentations.

Be noticed. Create opportunities. Get the offers so you’re in the luxurious position to choose your future.

Build Resilience

Resilience is all about rebounding from setbacks common in the pursuit of career and work goals. What setbacks you ask? The non responses we tolerate from job applications. The interviews that make us cringe. The promotion that goes to our seemingly less qualified colleague.

As you establish new career goals, pursue higher learning, search for meaningful work and make it through your work day, know that resilience is a resource you can build.

Earn Your Way

Studies show that after a certain point, money does not make you happy. But lack of money can be a tremendous source of unhappiness. This is especially true if you feel underpaid, undervalued and trapped in the cycle of under- and unemployment.

Or dependent on others to pay your way.

Or in a job you hate, only for the cash.

Discover ways to fund your education,  negotiate your worth, and land business deals with assurance.

Apply the CRAAP test to evaluate resources for quality

When I find a resource I think I’ll want to refer to clients, I use the CRAAP test to guide my decision about whether to save it. I encourage you to start your own boards using this instructive acronym, developed by a librarian in 2004. CRAAP stands for:

  • Currency – is it up to date or or out of date, with the times or behind the times?
  • Relevancy – is it pertinent to my audience – their age, stage, problems and solutions?
  • Authority – is it from a trustworthy source, does it speak to the topic from a place of solid experience or research?
  • Accuracy – is it factually accurate, backed by evidence and well written?
  • Purpose – is the goal of the resource to inform, teach, entertain or research (if so, I’m in) and NOT to sell or self serve (if so, I’m out)

So check out and follow my Pinterest boards. And start your own, putting the ones you save to the CRAAP test!

In Summary

Pinterest is a great way to gather in one place resources and tools to help with education and work transitions. Follow me, as I am continually adding new resources that I believe add value to my readers and clients. Use my pins, but start creating your own boards with high quality resources. And if you have resources you think I should share on my boards, please leave a comment!


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