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Coaching: For Education

Education Applications | Essay & Personal Statement Critique | Interview Prep & Practice

Coaching: For Employment

Job Search Strategies & Networking   |   Interview Prep & Practice   |   Offer Negotiation 

Document & Writing Support

Accomplishment Statements  Curriculum Vitae (CVs) & Resumes   |  LinkedIn Profile 
Letters of Introduction  |  Letters of Resignation   |   Proposals & Grant Applications

Self-Assessment for Education & Career Goal-Setting

Aptitude Testing  |  Career Beliefs & Values   Character Strengths & Wellness |
Personality & Vocational Interests  |  Research on Occupational & Educational Goals

Tailored Corporate Services

Career Development Workshops   Soft Skills Training Workshops   e-Learning Tools
Career Counselling & Employment Coaching  Outplacement Support

Hourly Rates

Following a 1/2 hour complimentary conversation, I establish with you an hourly budget that identifies specific tasks we will work on together to help you meet your goals.

Individual Rates

  • For editorial tasks: $40 to $60 hourly (20 percent premium added for 48-hour turnaround)
  • For coaching: $75 per hour

Corporate Rates

Hourly rate and total budget depend on nature of work and total anticipated hours.

Package Rates

Resume & Cover Letter Express Review ($350)

Looking for a second opinion in order to apply to a job with an urgent deadline?

  • Includes:
    • telephone consult
    • substance, style, grammar and spelling revisions for one resume and cover letter
    • two rounds of revision
    • 48-hour turnaround

Personal Statement Critique ($350)

Need support with targeting your personal statement for undergraduate or graduate education programs?

  • Includes:
    • telephone consult to review your preliminary draft and provide recommendations on substance and organization
    • three rounds of review and critique
    • grammar and spelling corrections

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Foundation ($1,000)

Need to start from scratch on key documents or overhaul your existing ones?

  • Includes:
    • telephone consult to review existing documents
    • initial draft
    • three rounds of collaborative revisions

Interview Skills Training ($1,000)

Frustrated from getting all the way to the interview stage and not getting the job? Or angling for a job that needs you to notch up your interview skills?

  • Includes:
    • comprehensive briefing meeting (your choice of telephone, skype or in-person)
    • three 30-minute video-taped mock interviews, customized for your job search goals
    • three 1-hour comprehensive feedback sessions
    • three coaching and follow-up meetings (by telephone) for actual interviews

Making Informed Education Decisions ($1,000)

Making that first university decision? Or keen to return for more education but not sure where to start?

  • Includes:
    • comprehensive briefing meeting (your choice of telephone, skype or in-person)
    • a battery of four career assessments (Strong Interest Inventory, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Aptitude testing and the VIA Strengths Survey)
    • up to four follow-up meetings
    • written report and 3 hours application support (plan, draft and critique personal statement)

Career Makeover ($1,250)

Ready for a major career change? Willing to invest your time and energy in some serious rethinking, beginning with comprehensive self assessment and goal setting?

  • Includes
    • comprehensive briefing meeting to start the process
    • a battery of five career assessments: Strong Interest Inventory, the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT), the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Work Personality (PI) Index and the VIA Strengths Survey
    • up to five follow-up meetings (your choice of telephone, skype or in-person)
    • written report and 5 hours support for your job search (resume, cover letter, interview preparation)